Types of abuse

Physical abuse

This is when someone harms, injures or hurts you physically (on your body) on purpose. Examples of this may be:

  • Hitting you
  • Shaking or suffocating you
  • Burning you
  • Scratching, pinching or biting you

Sexual abuse

This is when you are tricked or forced into sexual activities with someone else, this may be an adult or another child.
this could happen in person or online, for example:

  • Being forced to have sex without your permission
  • Taking part in sexual activity without your consent (this may include oral sex, touching)
  • Being made to look at or take part in sexual pictures or videos that you don’t want to
  • Sexual exploitation is when you are bought things in exchange for sexual activity
  • Sexual abuse and exploitation may start with grooming online or in person – when someone tries to gain your trust and or convince you to keep secrets or buy you things to convince you to keep secrets.

Emotional abuse

This happens when someone continually makes you feel bad about yourself by calling you names, shouting at you, scaring you or humiliating you.
This can also happen when someone ignores you and purposely leaves you out or treats you differently than others.
Emotional abuse can be linked to other types of abuse but sometimes happens on its own.

  • Calling you names
  • Shouting at you
  • Scaring you
  • Humiliating you
  • Ignoring you
  • Treating you differently than others

Domestic abuse

When someone in your home uses controlling, bullying or violent behaviour against others in your home this is called domestic abuse. You may become involved in this or see it happening which may feel unsafe.

  • Bullying or violent behaviour